Burn Injury Victims

Are You Suffering Through A Burn Injury?

Burn Injury AttorneyYou’ve probably experienced a burn at some point in your life–just by doing normal activities. Whether it’s a sunburn, burn from hot glue gun, cooking burn, or even burn from dropping coffee on your lap when you’re running late and being clumsy, you know how painful a burn can be. Now imagine a severe burn–a burn that may require skin grafts to “fix.” Hopefully you haven’t experienced this type of burn–a burn that turns to blisters or turned white or black and left the are devoid of feeling. These burns can come from fire, chemicals, radiation, or any other type of extreme heat exposure.

The effect of these burns can change your life and may result in permanent nerve or muscle damage, scarring, or even death. If you’ve suffered a serious burn due to the negligent actions of another individual, please don’t wait to contact a burn injury attorney. These attorneys will fight for you to get you the compensation you are entitled to while you rest and heal up.

Types of Burns:

Depending on which source you use, there are either three or four degrees of burning. Most people agree on three varying degrees of burning, however. The degrees of burns are:

  1. First degree – extending to the epidermis only. Turns red sans blistering, painful, heals well without scarring (usually)
  2. Second degree – extending into upper skin layers. Usually blisters and is extremely painful. Burn feels damp or moist. May cause infection. Heals well with scarring being rare. If it’s a more severe or deeper second degree burn, it’ll extend deeper into the skin and tissue and will cause blistering, probable scarring, and may result in skin grafts.
  3. Third degree – extending through all layers of the skin tissue. Turns white or brown, feels leathery with no pain. The lack of pain is due to the nerves becoming so damaged that they cannot function. These burns will scar and amputation may be necessary.
  4. Fourth degree (deep third degree) – extending past the skin tissue and burns surrounding fat, muscle, and sometimes bone. Skin will char and turn black with no pain. Amputation will be probable. Death may also result from this degree of burning.

You should never treat severe burns by yourself. You should go IMMEDIATELY to a hospital for care and treatment.

Moving Forward?

The excruciating mental and physical agony you may experience with a burn may entitle you to compensation. The disfigurement that a burn victim may face is unfathomable, and the care, rehab, further surgeries, that a victim will face for the remainder of their life can be desperately pricey. This is why it’s critical for you, or a loved one, to contact a burn injury attorney at the first moment possible. They can help you plan for the future and the long-term care of your injuries and attain the compensation that you deserve.

Burn Cases

We have handled numerous burn injury cases that have stemmed from:

  • Faulty products or equipment;
  • Chemical burns;
  • Electrical burns;
  • Radiation;
  • Scalding water or steam;
  • Car accidents;
  • Explosions; or
  • Fuel-fed fires.

We have the resources and passion necessary for helping burn victims recover and receive the full compensation they are entitled to. You focus on healing, we’ll focus on your legal case.

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